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My Skincare Products

Hi Everyone, This blog is going to be all about my skincare products and when I use them etc. Let’s get into it: The Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Gel- This is a cleanser I bought late last year and I have been using it every evening for 2 nearly 3 months now and it isn’tContinue reading “My Skincare Products”

10 Facts about Skincare

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well, today’s blog is going to be 10 skincare related facts that you need to know. Most of these facts I got from the Inkey List’s YouTube livestream. Let’s begin: Double Cleansing– You should double cleanse in the evening, so your 2 cleansers can break up the oil andContinue reading “10 Facts about Skincare”

My Favourite Hair Tools

Hi Everyone, Hope you all ok! Today’s blog is all about my favourite hair styling tools, electrical and brushes. So let’s get into it: My Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler which I got in pink and cost £11.91 of amazon. It is perfect for detangling my hair when it is dry or wet. 2. IContinue reading “My Favourite Hair Tools”

Latest Product Haul

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! This my first blog of 2021 and I’m so excited! Today’s blog is all about some of the latest products I received for Christmas or bought with my own money. This isn’t a review but a review will hopefully be up soon: Mac Fix Plus Coconut- This is a veryContinue reading “Latest Product Haul”

Monthly Favourites

Hi guys, Welcome back to another blog hope you are all well. Today’s blog is a very popular one which is my monthly favourites: 1. Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Conditioner- This is a very new product that I really love it is perfect for dry hair like mine. The different honey extracts in this productContinue reading “Monthly Favourites”


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