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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! This my first blog of 2021 and I’m so excited! Today’s blog is all about some of the latest products I received for Christmas or bought with my own money. This isn’t a review but a review will hopefully be up soon:

Mac Fix Plus Coconut- This is a very new product that I’ve been wanting for the longest time, I got this at The Company Cosmetics Store for £15.50 but I actually got an extra 20% of. It smells amazing and so far I really like it.

Too Faced Dew You Translucent Powder- This is a loose powder that smells of watermelon, it is in the shade Translucent Pearl which means it has a slight pink glitter. It feels very nice so far. This was also £15.50 from The Company Cosmetic Store

Loreal True Match Concealer- I got this from Amazon for £4.92 in the shade 2n Vanilla. This has a really nice dofur applicator and is very liquidy but it’s the perfect shade and I will give you an update in a later blog.

My Little Eco Shop Tea Tree Water- I mentioned this in a previous blog how I ordered some things from them, but sadly the matching cleanser went out of stock so I will hopefully re-order soon. This toner cost me £5.99 and so far it feels very cooling.

W7 Colour Me Nude Palette- This is a beautiful palette with a mix of mattes and shimmers, with a range of pinks, beiges, browns and black. It has a metal case and I received this as a gift, so a massive thank you!

Huda Beauty Gold Obsession’s Palette- This actually a limited edition palette and it is beautiful. It contains more shimmers than mattes but has gold, pinks and silvers.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask- I also received this for Christmas and it was a mini, but it feels very nice on the skin. It is very gel like and you are meant to apply it in the evening before you go to sleep.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and reviews for all of these products will hopefully be coming soon!

Ruby x

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13 year old, beauty fanatic, cheerleader and lover of lifestyle

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